Waking up to a georgous day in the Whitsundays

We spent a very peaceful night at anchor in Cid Harbour. It was dead calm, we slept soundly and woke up to a beautiful clear and calm day – not much wind for sailing today. As we had to pick up friends at Hamilton Island the following day, we decided to spend a second night at Cid. There was also a nasty southeasterly due that night and we would have reasonable shelter at Cid. We spent the day exploring the immediate area, doing a bit of fishing and just chilling out.

Looking back at Cid harbour from the heads at Nara inlet.

We motored over to Nara Inlet, stopping for lunch just outside the heads where we caught the shark in the video below. It was one of those ‘what do we do now’ moments. Not sure what sort of shark it was, possibly a bronze whaler. But what a perfectly evolved creature. We very carefully let it go and carried on with our trip. On the way back the wind filled in a bit and we were able to sail back over to Cid. The warm breeze and the solitude made for a nice quiet sail back.

When we got back to Cid Harbour quite a few more boats had arrived. It seems everyone was looking for an anchorage sheltered from the Southeasterly gale that was predicted. We managed to find a spot with room to move, dropped the pick and motored back on it to dig it in deep. Then we ran out all 50m of our chain.

We had just settled in with a couple of drinks to watch the sun go down when a dingy came motoring towards us with a couple in it waving at us. Once they got closer we realised it was Phil and Heather, who we’d been chatting to a couple of nights before at the bar in Able Point marina. We grabbed our drinks, joined them in their dingy and motored over to the beach. We watched the sun go down, sitting on the beach chatting and then went back to their yacht and carried on. Great surroundings, great company and a great way to finish off a relaxing day. Hopefully we catch up with them again some day.



Sun going down over the Australian mainland from Cid Harbour.

The next morning it was howling! Even in the relative shelter of Cid Harbour it was gusting to 30 kts, and today we had to get around to Hamilton Island to pick up our friends Steph and Neil who were flying in from Queenstown at about midday. The night had been quiet and uneventful – up until the about 4 am when the predicted southeasterly arrived that is! Once it arrived it was one of those anchorage nights with lots of yelling, torches flashing, motors starting, anchors coming up, anchors going down all around us. And we weren’t immune ourselves, getting up at regular intervals and at one stage to find us dragging anchor in the direction of the most expensive looking yacht in the anchorage. Needless to say – not much sleep that night.

This is us the following day heading towards Hamilton Island. Low 40s mainly, but gusting to high 40s. It never looks too bad in the photos……


After we picked up our friends at Hamilton Island the storm was still hanging around so we decided to head back over to the mainland and seek shelter in some of the deeper bays.Our trip back accross the Whitsunday Passage is another story.


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