Whitehaven Beach – Wow!!

Day 2.

Up early, so much to see and do, and with the sun streaming in and the beautiful views – its impossable to sleep in. I’d booked a float plane to take us over to Whitehaven Beach. This holiday was a celebration of Darlenes birthday but the trip to Whitehaven was a surprise for her.

I’m currently putting a short clip of our day so more on Whitehaven later but first a quick outline of our plans for this trip.

First we fly into Hamilton Island, spending 2 nights there. Then we take the ferry accross to Airlie Beach to pick up our bareboat charter sail catamaran spending 8 nights cruising around the Whitsunday Islands on her. 8 days and nights with no emails mobile phones or even wristwatches just cruising around going wherever we want, and doing whatever we want whenever we want. Part way through the 8 days we would return to Hamilton Island to pick up our good friends Steph and Neil who would join us for the remainder of the trip.

This is us anchored up watching the sun go down.IMGA0151

After the cruise we planed to head down to Brisbane and Gold Coast to spend a few days before having to head home but there was a surprise in store for us down there too.

We arrived bang in the middle of the Blues on Broadbeach festival. What a great way to end our trip.




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